Meet the Band

Tom & The Cats have been playing music together for over 30 years. Today they still have 5 of the original members of the band. They have opened for The Drifters, The Coasters, The Greg Allman Band, Percy Sledge, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap,The Judds, The Bellamy Brothers, and Hank Williams Jr. The Tallahassee Democrat refers to them as Local Legends. They only play selected venues publically, so if you get a chance to see them - it will be a party you will not forget!

Our fans range from 8 to 80 and come from all walks of life. They are the greatest reason for our longevity in being the best party band in the area.

Richard Bevis - Drums, vocalsRichard Bevis - Drums, vocals
Cobb Middle School Band 1958 – 1960; Leon High School Band 1960 – 1964; The Dukes 1961-1963, The Sonics 1963-1967 (House Band for the Old Dutch Inn, Panama City Beach, Florida); The Reunion 1967-1970 (House Band for Lamplighter Lounge, Gainsville, Florida); Osceola 1970 – 1973, San Francisco, California – On Tour - Opened for The Grateful Dead, The Kinks, Pink Floyd, Elvin Bishop, Santana, Chuck Berry and Doug Kershaw; Rainbow Band 1973-1975 (Opened for David Allen Coe, Johnny Paycheck, Emmylou Harris); Tallahassee Band 1975 – 1978; The Mystics (Forever); Tom & the Cats 1978 – 2009, (Opened for Percy Sledge/The Drifters)
Mentors: Mark Elerbee, Oak Ridge Boys; Harry Snowden, New York
Musical Influence: Jimmy Reed, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, James Brown
Favorite Band: The Stones
Favorite Rock and Roll Song: Crossroads, Cream
Favorite Drummer: Charlie Watts
Favorite Saying; It Aint Nothing But A Party Baby!
Richard’s ever famous smile and energy on the drums is unequalled and a big reason the Cat’s are still kickin.
As quoted per RB; If you ain’t the Rolling Stones you ain’t nobody anyway !!!!

Tommy Brown, Lead SingerTommy Brown, Lead Singer
He started his music career as a single performer. His talent has always been the ability to make people have a good time while watching him perform. He stayed a single act for two years. While playing the local scene he added another guitar player and a bass player to form Tom Brown & Company. That trio stayed together for about one more year. In 1978 Tommy formed Tom & The Cats which has now become an 8 piece band with a sound man who also sings some with the band. This band built it’s reputation on the fact that It ain’t nothing but a party every time they play. They fast became very popular and still boast 5 original members. In his own words “ I will be a cat until the day I die “. Their sound today is bigger and better than ever and they look forward to rockin for years to come and Tommy personifies that slogan each and every time out.

Tom & The Cats still boasts 5 original members.

JimBo St. John, BassJimBo St. John, Bass
My first band, while at Florida High School, was the 2+2 who evolved into the Reasons Why. In 1968 we won the Tallahassee
JC battle of the bands then went to Orlando and won the Florida JC battle of the bands. They flew us to Atlantic City, N.J. for the
national battle where we finished 5th. After high school I played with Jim McRae in The 8 of Us for about a year. I then became a
classical Guitar performance major at Florida State and started giving guitar lessons at the music store where I worked. One day,
Tommy Brown walked in and signed up for lessons. I had a hard time convincing him that his guitar would sound better if he
removed the picture of Elvis he had duct taped over the sound hole. In 1978 I joined Tom and the Cats and we went at it full time.
During a short hiatus I did stints with Lady and the Tramp, the Key Band , The Rainbow Band, Stage Coach and Dick and the Dogs.
The Cats regrouped and reloaded and it’s been nothing but a party ever since. Jimbo has a distinctive side to side rock when he
plays the bass and you can’t help but rock with him.

Tom Tom "Doc" Bevis, Pedal Steel & Dobro
My musical career started in elementary when my mother signed me up for piano lessons in the 1st grade until 3rd. In 5th grade I started playing the clarinet and was part of the Tallahassee Junior Chorus where I learned a lot about music. I joined the Cobb Middle School band playing the clarinet, tenor sax and bass clarinet.
By the 11th grade my friend Dale Benton and I heard “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” by The Byrds, wow, he bought a banjo and I bought my first guitar. In 1970 my senior year I bought a Dobro guitar, in 1972 I bought my first pedal steel guitar.
While at FSU I joined with some of the guys I play with now, including my brother Richard, in “The Rainbow Band” from ’73-’74. In 1974 I graduated from FSU and went to Auburn, Alabama to become a veterinarian, while there I was asked to join “The Grossman Brothers” a bluegrass band with some fellow students, who are still today some of my closest friends. “The Grossman Brothers” was formed from ’74-’77 we played many venues including, The Bob Hope Show, The Grand Ole Opry and Midnight Jamboree Radio Show. We even cut an album. From ’77-’78 I was in “Gimry” , a house band in Auburn.
In 1978 I came back to Tallahassee and joined “Tom and The Cats”, except for a few breaks when my hands were full with a new vet practice and raising my four wonderful children, I’ve been playing with these great guys for over 30 years, I still love it as much now as then, if not more.
Musical influences: My Dad, Jimmy Reed, The Bryds, Flatt & Scruggs, Buddy Emmons, Josh Graves and The Band to name a few…
Doc has a pedal steel ability that is not limited to country music. He can rock and be soulful upon demand.

Dickie Hosford- Guitar,vocals and MORE COWBELLDickie Hosford- Guitar,vocals and MORE COWBELL
Started out in music as a Roadie for the original Rainbow Band...after much whining the band finally let me play some mandolin during their Bluegrass sets. Finally got tired of lugging Billy Grahams piano and stated a band with Debbie Eason, Hughe Roche and Doug Kearce called “The Sweet Georgia Brown Band”. I played guitar and Pedal steel. We hit the VFW tour for about a year and a half ...Then played Pedal Steel and sang for the “Panhandle Express”...This was a Trainwreck Band at it’s worst. It did give me the chance to play with Gordon Scott and start digging “Commander Cody” music. Hooked back up with the Rainbow boys...Dale Benton, Tom Hutchinson and Jimmy Quine....’Doc” was off to Auburn to become “Doc”. Dale and Jimmy left for St. Augustine to dig up the fort and Tom Hutchinson and Dick were left to start “Hutch & Hoss” Fronted Johnny Paycheck, Billy Crash Craddock, Dave & Sugar , Terry Gibbs to name a few and did a lot of conventions from Boston to St. Louis to Key West . That lasted for about 4 and 1/2 years and I was about to go insane with teaching and Playing 6 nights a week so I went solo...Played at the Duval Hotel for a year or so doing Happy Hour . Had a weekend band for a short stint with Ray Wiley, David Langston and Mark Ellerbee called “Stagecoach”...we were a bad ass Country band. Soon after hooked up with the Cats where I remain today! Dick has definitely brought a great country sound to the Cats. He once said; T. Brown sings soul music the way it is supposed to be sung and I sing country music with a lot of soul. Truer words were never spoken.

Jim McRae, SaxJim McRae, Sax
Jim started playing saxophone in the 6th grade and played in several groups during high school.
Upon graduation in 1966 he played sax for the Eight of Us which toured the southeast . He followed that in
1969 with a band called Big Orange which also toured the southeast. In 1971 he went with Applejack which was also comprised of Ted Nugent’s Bass and Keyboard player. After several years of touring all over with them he took a break for a few years and just hung out. In 1978 he joined Tom and The Cats and is still playing his magic with the band today. In 1988 he decided once again to tour with a band called BB Seacrist and the Rockin 88 which performed in Vegas and all over the country. He lasted about two years with them until he returned to his hometown and rejoined Tom and The Cats. Much to the delight of his many fans in this area he will probably finish his music career here in Tallahassee with the Cats. His honkin powerful sax style makes him a great attraction on stage and he is a lot of fun to sit with and listen to his many band stories accumulated through the years.

Steve Taff - Guitar, vocalsSteve Taff - Guitar, vocals
I was born a poor child in 1956……
When I was 13, my folks gave me a guitar because illness prevented me from playing sports or any other outdoor activities. I spent the next two years practicing guitar after school, weekends, holidays and summers while all the other kids played outdoors. At 15 I started my first rock band, “Blues Fluid” and never looked back. When I was 16 I started playing in bars and my folks would talk to the club owners to get me in.
Music History: Shaw Junior High School Band, 1968-1969; Hillcrest High School Band, 1970-1971: Leon High School Band, 1971-1974; Leon High School Stage Band, 1973-1974
From 1974 to the present played in numerous local and regional bands; Asylum, Crystal River Band, Slapstick, The Results, ELI, Slapstick, 911, Drew Tillman Band, and, of course, Tom & the Cats.
Accompanied or opened for: Tommy Two Tone, Billy Dean, Miesberg & Walters, Lindsey Sergeant, Del Suggs, Robin Trower, Pat Travers, Clarence Carter, Albert Lee, John Lee Hooker, Jo Dee Messina, Beaver Brown Band
Mentors & Influences: Lewis Jones, John Kurzweg, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Glen Campbell, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck
Steve is the newest member of the Cats and his relentless guitar style has really added some punch to the band.

Jimmy Graham, keyboards and vocalsJimmy Graham, keyboards and vocals
The Son of a preacher, Jimmy played sax, bass, keyboard and guitar since his first musical job at age 14. In 1975 he joined his older brother Bill, Richard and later Doc Bevis in a band that boasted two excellent drummers and two piano players. Determined to broaden his musical horizons, he spent the next ten years playing music from West-Texas hill country to blitzkrieg punk – all the while maintaining an abiding love for the organ and choral music of the Episcopal church. In his spare time, Jimmy likes to explore Florida’s lesser known coasts or paddle down rivers counting alligators with his kids. Jimmy is the ultimate band member. He can play most any instrument and has a laid back personality that is easy to get along with. On the stage “He Rocks”.

Jim Apgar - Soundman, vocalsJim Apgar - Soundman, vocals
Graduated FSU in the early 70’s with degrees in Music and Psychology. Started playing piano bars in the late 70’ and early 80’s. Joined Hutch and company with Tom Hutchison, my first band experience. That band evolved into The Hutch and Brand Band which lasted the next 8 years. Besides singing and playing keyboards, I also began running sound and lights. As much as I enjoyed performing in the band, running sound and lights had a strong draw. I started working part-time for a local sound company, Reel Rock Productions. When the band finally broke up, I became a full time soundman. During the next 15 years mixing many, many local bands and working with many national acts, I hooked up with Tom and the Cats giving them a full time soundman and production manager as well as a high quality sound system. The Cats have always been a visual party band. Quote from Tommy Brown: "With the addition of Jim Apgar their sound has now upgraded to equal their showmanship. Did we mention he also sings better than most of the Cats on stage."